Facts You Should Know while QuickBooks Password Crack

QuickBooks is a robust accounting application. Along with advanced features and an amazing user interface, it also offers safety and security to users’ financial data. All the company files in QuickBooks are protected by a password. The only way to access the company file without entering the password is through QuickBooks password crack. QuickBooks ensures the safety of data through various measures. Now that passwords are incorporated in almost all applications, it is common to forget the password. In that case, the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool helps to recover password. There are also some other manual methods to reset passwords in QuickBooks. Through this advisory blog, we will brief you on different methods to reset QuickBooks’ password, so read carefully until the end.

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Points to Consider before you unlock the QuickBooks password

1. The password must not include spaces and special characters.
2. The password should contain a minimum of seven characters.
3. Users need to be careful as passwords are case-sensitive.

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Step-by-Step Methods to Crack QuickBooks Password

Method 1. Crack QuickBooks password by answering security questions

1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop application and go to the QuickBooks login screen.
2. Click the I forgot my password link. It will direct you to the security questions page.
3. Answer the security questions and click OK.
4. Finally, click the Close button. A window to change the password will open.
5. Create a new password and choose new security questions.
6. Click Submit and open your company file again.

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Method 2. Utilize the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

1. Close QuickBooks, open the browser, and download the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.
2. Choose the QuickBooks Desktop version on which you last opened the company file.
3. Next, enter the QuickBooks license number and other required details, then click OK.
4. Tick the Agree and Accept box in the license agreement and click Download.
5. Save the downloaded file, open it and start the installation process.
6. Open the tool, enter the token number you received, and scroll through the QuickBooks Product drop-down menu.
7. Choose your QuickBooks version and then click the Browse your company file option.
8. In the Reset Password window, enter the new password and then in the Confirm Password field.
9. Click Submit and open the company file with a new password.

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Method 3. Remove password from QuickBooks permanently

1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Company menu.
2. When the Change QuickBooks password window opens, enter the existing password and leave the New Password field blank.
3. On the security questions page, leave the answer field blank and click OK. It will remove the password feature.


We hope the steps given in the blog above help you with QuickBooks password crack. We know it is a complicated task, and not everyone can do it on their own. If you need professional assistance, call us on our toll-free number +1-855-856-0042 and talk to the certified QuickBooks expert’s team. The support team will help you accomplish the task successfully.