Why QBO is so slow? Details you need to know

QuickBooks has established itself as a leading accounting software with reliable and trustworthy services. Over the years, it has proved its efficiency and profitability for businesses by helping them grow. QBO works in real-time, for which the data is transferred constantly between the internet and your system. QuickBooks handles everything perfectly. Even though it runs on a browser, the scrolling is smooth, commands are executed fast, and the loading time for pages is significantly less. Unfortunately, if you didn’t have the same experience working on it, many factors can be responsible.

“Why is QBO so slow?’ thoughts like these would have crossed your mind while using it. Just give this blog a read, and you’ll find an answer to that.

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Possible reasons-

Whenever you open QuickBooks Online on a browser, its proper functioning is dependent on a lot of things. QBO is less likely to be at fault than other external factors.

The internet connection needs to be stable because a lousy internet connection causes QuickBooks Online to suffer.

The system running QBO should be compatible with the specifications required for QuickBooks to run smoothly.

QBO should be supported on the web browser it is running on. Some settings in the browser can also cause the issue.

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Doable actions-

If you also feel your QBO is taking more time to load files, the pages are making you wait before opening, you get a response after seconds you click something, then you should try the following steps-

Check your internet connection.

Your connection could be the root of the problem. A slow connection can affect the data transfer rate, causing the pages to take more time to load and the window to start lagging. Ensure that you don’t have any issues with your network by simply running a speed test on google. You’ll know if the internet is causing your QBO to slow down.

If everything’s OK with the connection, try updating your windows and browser to the latest version.

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System compatibility

For using QuickBooks Online with total efficiency, the system needs to have specifications that QBO favors. By specifications here, we’re referring to the RAM & processor of your computer.

RAM holds necessary files for running QBO, and the Processor is responsible for the speed with which the files are retrieved whenever needed. So if they do not match the requirements, they’ll take more time to process the files leading to QBO working slowly.

Check for the System requirements on your QBO version and see if your system has the required stats. If not, try upgrading your system. With every update, the software is upgraded to match the newer version of computers; therefore, having an old system can also cause QBO to slow down.

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Browser Settings

QuickBooks online depends a lot on the browser it is running on. Some browsers don’t support the background processes required to run QBO smoothly. Instead, always use browsers suggested by QuickBooks.

Try these things-

  • Clear Cache & temporary files.
  • VPN& Incognito mode should be turned off.
  • Make sure your browser is Updated.

That brings us to the end of this blog on “Why is QBO so slow”. We covered all the factors that may be possible for your QBO to run slow and explained how to resolve them. We hope this was beneficial for you and your Query got solved. For more help contact QuickBooks Online Support at +1-855-856-0042.