Everyone’s New Favorite Jeweler in New York

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Leo Glore (ascend 24)

With the wide variation and innovative ideas in fashion, Jewelry is one such thing that is considered a mandatory and essential part of one’s fashion. Jewellery is a piece of art that decorates a person and glorifies their own presence. It helps a person enhance their own selves and feel good about themselves. The Jewelry industry is one of the most highly competitive ones.

Leon Glore, also known to be Leo Glore, was always fascinated with jewellery pieces from a young age and started his first business at the age of 19. He is making a name for himself in the jewellery industry with stunning pieces of jewellery that have never seen before. He has gradually been growing and placing his brand in a better strategic position to be at the top of this competitive jewellery market.

Leo Glore, who gained popularity by his appearance on a show called “Below Deck Mediterranean” at 30 years old now has been in the jewellery industry for more than a decade serving clients with trendy and efficient jewellery pieces. He is the founder and owner of Glore Jewelry, taking the US jewellery market by storm with its unique and outstanding pieces that are loved by custom jewellery lovers. Glore jewellery in New York is now considered everyone’s favourite destination for custom-made jewellery with its unique texture, quality and design.

Throughout the years he has been in the industry with various experienced artists, Leo has been learning and analyzing the market trends and is efficiently utilizing them. He has gained vast experience and has established contacts with thousands of people, including celebrities such as 50 cents, Meek Mill, the Kardashians, Scott Disick, and Alec Monopoly.

All these celebrities love visiting the Glore Jewelry store to get customized jewellery that meets their needs. Everyone wants to be part of this custom trend in jewellery that Leo is building. This is evident from his work. Leo has a warm personality and makes his guests feel comfortable and let them know their ideas for designs of their custom jewellery.

Following his passion, side by side Leo Glore also has an interest in collecting cars. His car collection has a Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari 488, Rolls Royce ghost, and he is soon getting an Aventador SV. He is very active on social media with Instagram being his favourite platform where he shares pictures showing his beautiful works. With his dedication and passion, he is taking his store to the next level of success. Keep connected with Leo Glore and the Glore Store at: