Washing machine, dishwasher, what does automatic dosing do?

Automatic dosing, also called autodosing, is an increasingly widespread function in our washing machines. Recently, this function is also available on some dishwashers. But what are the real advantages of automatic dosing? How does it work ? How much does it cost ? Not too much or the secrets of automatic dosing, Homap tells you everything…

The advantages of automatic dosing?


The principle is simple: large containers are loaded with detergent and softener in the case of the washing machine – with detergent and rinse aid for the dishwasher. During several cycles, the device dispenses the necessary dose of products, without user intervention.

Automatic dosing has many advantages.

peace of mind

There is no need to fill your washing machine or dishwasher with detergents each time you use it. The tanks are loaded once for several cycles and the machine dispenses the necessary dose for each wash, no more, no less. The frequency with which it is necessary to recharge depends of course on the use: it varies according to the programs chosen, the frequency of use, the quantity of laundry washed and the state of dirtiness of the dishes or laundry. Most appliances promise to perform around twenty wash cycles – almost a month of peace of mind for some households.

Detergent savings.

Indeed, most users tend to overdose these products. As for those who use ready-made doses, likewise, the dosage is rarely ideal. When you think about it, using the same dose of detergent in a full or half-loaded washing machine or dishwasher makes little sense… Some manufacturers promise up to 30% savings in detergent thanks to the automatic dosing. It follows that this function also has an advantage from an ecological point of view, less chemicals leaving in the evacuations.

Avoid the negative effects of overdose

Rinsing is not necessarily as effective and this can therefore leave traces on the dishes or on the clothes. In this case, on textiles, people with sensitive skin can feel it. Automatic dosing avoids these phenomena.

Obtain an optimal washing and rinsing result

The machine always releases the correct dose. There is therefore also no risk of under-dosing the products, which would harm the washing efficiency.Beko WTV1744X1WAQDOS selection From 350 to 599 euros

Whirlpool Zendose 9 From 500 to 749 euros

Electrolux EW6F3854RG From 500 to 749 euros

Automatic dosing instruction manual

Current washing machines and dishwashers are already capable of adapting their water and electricity consumption to the load of laundry, to the cycle chosen as well as to the state of dirtiness of the laundry or the dishes. It is also on the basis of these parameters that the devices calculate the quantity of detergent required.
In the case of washing machines, most models are equipped with two large containers, in the usual location, which are filled with detergent and fabric softener. In rare cases, these are cartridges to be inserted into the bottom of the washing machine. The device then takes care of dosing the products during each cycle.
When it comes to dishwashers, similarly, it’s all about filling the bins to let the machine handle it. Knowing that some devices work with a disk system that contains all the products (washing and rinsing); simply insert it into the slot provided for this purpose.
Asko W4096R.W selection From 1250 to 1499 euros

Miele WWG 660 From 1250 to 1499 euros

Bosch WAU28S09FF From 500 to 999 euros

What detergents should I use?

In the case of washing machines, fans of powder detergent will have to adapt or move on: automatic dosing only works with liquid detergent. It is possible to use detergent from any brand, so that users will not be upset in their habits.
As for dishwashers, for now, only a few models are available on the market. They work either with a disc marketed by their manufacturer, or with washing gel and rinsing liquid, of any brand in this case.
Samsung WW90T986DSH From 1000 to 1249 euros

AEG L7FEE169D From 750 to 999 euros

Siemens WM14UPH9FF From 750 to 999 euros

What is the overhead for this feature?

This function has become widely democratized on washing machines. Some devices are equipped with it from the mid-range; you can get a porthole model equipped with an automatic dosing function from around 500 euros (for capacities of 8/9 kg).
When it comes to dishwashers, automatic dosing is much newer. It therefore rather equips the high-end devices of the manufacturers who market it. But these are not always the most expensive brands or models on the market. This function exists on dishwashers accessible from around 500 euros.Miele G 7310 SCU selection From 1500 to 1749 euros

Beko DENDA44WDOS From 500 to 749 euros

Siemens SX736X19NE From 800 to 1049 euros