Top Surrey Jewelry Workshop Earns High Praise for Custom Designs

Surrey, BC – Jewellery Clinic is synonymous with unparalleled attention to detail, quality, and care for any custom product.

When it comes to custom design work, Canadians far and wide turn to Surrey-based “Jewellery Clinic”. For more than two decades, the company has created thousands of custom pieces for happy customers looking to commemorate a special event, place, or time on a unique treasure that will be passed down for generations. Custom engagement rings are among the more popular requests recently, and owner Guaicaipuro Rodriguez says he always enjoys working with the soon-to-be-newlyweds on a piece they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Custom jewelry Surrey BC

“It is an absolute gift to have the opportunity to bring something to life that will have tremendous value during the customer’s lifetime, and to following generations,” Rodriguez says. “We take this responsibility very seriously, especially when it comes to engagement rings. These pieces will be worn forever, they must be perfect down to the last detail, and that is what we promise.”

Jewellery Clinic utilizes cutting edge equipment and technology, coupled with some of the most experienced and dedicated craftsmen in the industry. It is possible in most cases to bring the customer’s imagination to life, literally, and Jewellery Clinic staff work closely with the customer throughout the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure no details are missed, and they are getting exactly what they envisioned.

For those are worried about a complicated design and collaboration process, do not be. Customers can meet at one of the two stores in operation, or review design proofs via email. Once the initial design is approved, a 3D printed plastic model is created and sent to the customer for final approval and comfort testing before the actual piece is crafted.

Everything is created on-site by one of Jewellery Clinic’s expert goldsmiths, and they would be happy to start working with clients today. Do not hesitate to contact them with more questions about the design process, pricing, and lead times.

About Jewellery Clinic

Composed of a highly skilled, passionate team of professional goldsmiths and jewelers, Jewelry Clinic offers more than 20 years of experience as an accredited company recognized by the Diamond Council of America. Every piece of jewelry that comes through their door (and the customer who comes with it) is given exceptional levels of personal care and attention. Jewellery Clinic’s standards of excellence have made it a namesake throughout the Surrey community and beyond for quality care, unprecedented service, and absolute passion for what they do.

Those interested in learning more about Jewellery Clinic should visit their website at or call the North Surrey store at 604-584-1617, or the South Surrey store at 604-385-3812.


For more information about Jewellery Clinic, contact the company here:

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