Summer skin care: These 5 oils act like sunscreen

Summer skin care is very important. To protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, many of us apply sunscreen on our skin. Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet (ultraviolet) rays. Ultraviolet rays cause many skin problems, the most common being suntan. Apart from this, there is also a risk of many serious problems related to the skin. In such a situation, skin experts recommend applying sunscreen. But there are many types of chemicals present in the sunscreens available in the market, which can harm the skin. At the same time, some people are allergic to the sunscreen outside. In such a situation, you can take the help of oils present at home to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. Yes, the oils present in your house can act as sunscreen for your skin. Let’s know about those oils-

1. Sesame Oil as Sunscreen

Sesame oil is present in almost everyone’s home. Many people use sesame oil in worship. This oil is very beneficial for health. Apart from this, you can apply sesame oil on the skin to avoid the problem of sunburn. The harmful rays of the sun can be avoided by applying sesame oil on the skin. In such a situation, if you are going out somewhere, then apply sesame oil all over your body. With this, not only will you be able to protect the skin from the rays of the sun, but your skin will also be very good. Vitamin E present in it detoxifies your skin. It also protects against pollution. That is, you can use this oil as a sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important for the skin.

2. Coconut Oil As Sunscreen

Coconut oil is hardly available in your home. This is such an oil, which is used in everyone’s home. Coconut oil is widely used, especially for hair. Apart from this, some people also use coconut oil for cooking. If you apply coconut oil on your skin, then it can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. This oil can replace your sunscreen. Also, it keeps your skin moisturized for a long time. Skin inflammation can be reduced by using coconut oil on the skin. Not only this, it also keeps your skin soft for a long time.

3. Almond Oil for Skin Care

Almond oil is used by many people to enhance the beauty of their skin. But let us tell you that this oil can also be used as a sunscreen. To use this oil as a sunscreen, mix a little with coconut water and apply on your face. This will protect your skin from the rays of the sun. Due to the high amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in Almond Oil. It is very beneficial for our skin health and it helps to keep our skin moisturized and smooth.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is used to remove many skin problems, you can also use this oil as a sunscreen. It is rich in antiseptic properties, which can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Apart from this, you can also use tea tree oil to remove the problems on the skin.

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