It is Christmas in July in this historic town with shopping and baked goods.

Christmas décor of all kinds can be found at this popular shop in Kimmswick.

Some folks get pretty excited about Christmas in July. Not being really sure what the point of it is — perhaps it’s how soon one must begin shopping these days to be able to afford the holiday bounty under the tree — maybe it’s just another marketing ploy. But in Kimmswick, Missouri the largest gift shop one comes across when arriving downtown is the christmas shop, complete with a wooden Santa greeting visitors on the sign at street parking.

The long red barn-style building with a wrap-around porch of The Christmas Haus of Kimmswick presents yule time year round on 311 Elm Street. The whole length of the store is lined with Christmas trees of varying themes. It makes for easy shopping to just go to a tree and grab what you need for a particular event. The St. Patrick’s tree was adorned in leprechauns and beer mugs. A surfside tree, complete with a starfish topper and beach-themed ornaments was adorned with colors of coral and aqua blue.