9 Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous Even After 50

In the world of instant makeup trends, it’s safe and convenient to know what’s really working and what’s just hype, media, and marketing. As a beauty editor with decades of experience shooting with top makeup artists and A-list celebrities, I’ve learned nine tried-and-true tips for women over 50. Here are my DIY tips as new brands, recipes, and technologies emerge.

Start over.

Successful makeup requires immediate cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. A combination of warm water, facial massage, and your choice of cream, oil, or serum will hydrate dry, post-menopausal skin, plump wrinkles, and eliminate flaky patches. It means there is no gap between cleansing, moisturizing, and applying makeup. You cannot wash your face, eat, check information, shop online, or make phone calls until you have done so. Many companies are taking custom printed eyelash boxes for new orders as custom box packaging.

Apply eye makeup before face makeup.

It’s a clever, no-clutter sequence. Never worry about powder falling on your cheeks or under your eyeliner, smudging your foundation, blush, or concealer, and having to start all over again. Prepare your lids with a base or cream eyeshadow to keep your eye makeup fresh for a smoother, more even look.

Brighten your eyes with brown or black gel eyeliner.

Waterproof eyeliners are richer in color than standard eyeliners, require less effort than gel brushes, are cleaner than hard liquids or highlighters, and can create a solid look and contouring effect. Rest your elbows on the table to stabilize your hands. Lift your chin while looking in the mirror and make small strokes back and forth along the base of your upper eyelid. Move three-quarters of the way from the outermost eye toward the lacrimal gland. 

Spend money on an eyelash curler, but don’t buy black mascara.

High-quality eyelash curlers for eye makeup, like Kevin Au coin, Shiseido, and Bobbi Brown will last for years without clumping, wobbling, or breaking sparse, dry lashes. It’s all about shape, hinges, and lining. Bring the open eyelash curler to the base of the eyelashes and close slowly for 30 seconds. Use easy, cheap black mascara like a pro – you’ll throw it away and renew it every three months, so you don’t have to spend more. Shake the mascara wand slowly in a “zigzag” motion, sweeping from the bottom to the top to thicken the lashes at the bottom and thus thicken the lashes.

Change your lip liner or lipstick.

Match the lip liner to your natural lip color. If the upper lip line becomes thinner, asymmetrical, or narrower, outline the curve of the lip by rounding it slightly instead of drawing two new points. Next, fill the entire mouth with an underlying lip liner to prevent lipstick from getting into the line. opt for cream lipsticks instead of glosses. If you like nudes, skip the lighter shades and choose one that matches your lip color and lip line. Dare to try new colors like peach, pink, or red to accentuate the whiteness of your teeth and your bright smile.

Highlight neutral shades for the eyes.

Warm tones for dark eyes and cool tones for white eyes are natural and always work. No contouring is necessary. However, bright, shimmery eyeshadows can add radiance to tired eyes, while moderate shadows in the crease and above can smooth out fleshy spills and make eyes look bigger. It should be noted that darker browns and charcoal shades can be used as a smoky top layer of gel eyeliner to soften the look and conceal broken eyes.

Right eyebrow

Eyebrows are an important element of facial expression. Even if you wear fringes or glasses, make sure they are trimmed and elongated. Keep it natural. Use the eyebrow pencil to trace the direction of the hair in short, feathery strokes. Then, if necessary, fill in the sparse areas with a brow powder that adheres to the base of the pencil. Blend with a spiral brush or a clean old mascara pencil.

Use for shine and shine, not coverage.

Face makeup is to provide a shiny and healthy look. To even out yellowish, pale, or dull skin and neutralize redness and rosacea, choose a warm or golden hue rather than the same color. Finally, to overcome the problem of not wearing makeup, choose a foundation that is dewy, sheer, but highly pigmented. Beautiful skin is your greatest beauty asset. And all these matte, powdered, high-definition, full-coverage, and long-wear products? Forever forgotten.

Use a makeup brush.

It doesn’t matter if your skin is mature, with facial lines, small eye wrinkles, or brown, red, or blue stains. Some celebrities have it. What do you think Photoshop is used for? Intense opacity cannot fool anyone. Instead, it just looks exaggerated and fake. The silky-smooth synthetic brush makes makeup look skin-real. Eco-friendly cosmetic boxes are the best option to pack your all types of makeup brushes. You can also pack all types of makeup in these boxes.

Apply a light cream blush on the cheekbones.

It brings vitality to the face, blends with the skin, and creates a natural look. Draw attention to the eye and drive away the clutter that can ruin a great look. Choose bold, bright shades of pink, rose, apricot, or red to match your skin tone.

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