3 stylish ways to wear a cardigan

3 stylish ways to wear a cardigan

The cardigan is probably one of the most underrated and misunderstood garments in someone’s closet. While some people fear to be associated with a middle aged college professor when wearing one, others link cardigans to the colorful, cropped pieces that have been so popular among gen Z in their latest TikTok trends. We understand the reluctance, but the thing is cardigans have a lot more to offer and it would be a shame to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing it. This is why today we’ve decided to show you a few stylish looks that you can put together using a cardigan.

Everyday classic

Let’s start with the basics: if you need a safe and simple look that you can wear almost anywhere, a timeless combination of jeans and a t-shirt worn with a cardigan is sure to become your go-to choice. When using such simple clothes, it is important to pay attention to their fit and design. Choose a classic pair of mid-rise jeans in a light denim color and a plain white cotton shirt. As per the cardigan, you can keep it simple with an oversized wool piece with wooden buttons that will be the focal element of your outfit.

Fancy casual

If the basic look seems a bit too…well, basic for you, we’re happy to inform you that you can easily make your outfit fancier by changing a thing or two about it. Instead of the classic denim jeans, wear a pair of more original trousers like the cargo pants, the boot-cut jeans, or the fancier of them all, the palazzo trousers. Even if you keep the plain white t-shirt, the bottoms will immediately elevate the outfit and make it look more interesting. You can wear the same cardigan or you can go even further with your ensemble by getting a heavy knit Irish cardigan you can find online https://www.keilys.com/irish-cardigans.html with beautiful Celtic-inspired patterns like the cable or diamond stitch. No matter what you decide to wear, you will certainly get an eye-catching look by wearing an Irish cardigan, especially in a bold color.

Lofty layering

Everybody knows that during winter, there is no better way to keep yourself warm than by layering your clothes. Not all people know, however, that even with a layered outfit you can still look stylish and not like a giant cabbage walking down the street. If you work in the office and are tired of the temperature changes that always happen out of nowhere, we have the perfect ensemble for you. Start with some thermal under layers that will assure your comfort and warmth throughout the whole day and wear a thin fitted white turtleneck over it. You can keep the top like this or you can wear an oversized button-up shirt over the sweater; it might sound strange, but trust us, you will look great. As per the bottoms, a pair of straight black cotton trousers will add a dash of formality to your outfit. Finally, pair this look with a chunky knit cardigan like the Irish one we’ve already mentioned and you have the perfect office attire.