The importance of winter accessories and how to style them

The importance of winter accessories and how to style them

With the holiday season being over, but the cold days of winter still making it hard to dress stylish and stay warm, it could be difficult to find new ways of dressing up for the weather. The cold season doesn’t allow us to always put on a stylish outfit that is not overshadowed by the coat we throw on top for warmth. In this article, we are giving you some suggestions on what accessories can take your winter looks to a trendy new level. The accessories double as extra warm pieces and if you follow our guide you’ll surely stay warm and fashionable this winter. Check out some predictions for the 2023 trends on Vogue to see what colors would be best and let’s dive into the article.


If you’ve been on a shopping spree recently, you surely saw the number of options that every store has in terms of hats. From fluffy bucket hats to colorful beanies, these hats can definitely show your sense of style throughout the winter. You can choose a neutral color in a bold style such as a bucket hat made out of wool. Or go for a brightly colored beanie to add that pop into your outfits. The patterns and designs have a lot to offer, so you can surely find something for your taste.


Oversized scarves became popular a couple years ago and they never stopped impressing ever since. There’s nothing that looks more put together than a long coat with a beautiful oversized scarf on top. The choices are endless, with animal prints, different materials, fringes and colorful options. Make sure you get something that matches your coat and you can find many ways in which to wear it for the best look. This will also add an extra layer of warmth to your outfit, so it doubles as a very practical and chic piece.


This goes without saying, bags are an accessory that is crucial no matter what season or outfit we are talking about. Crossbody bags can add a lot to your outfits if you choose the right pattern. Check out these colorful plaid bags.  They would make your outfit look more elegant and they are also very practical items, as these bags can easily hold everything you’d need in a day. Have fun with your bags in the winter and switch between different patterns and materials. Match your bag with one of the hats we suggested earlier and you have some continuity as well.

Artsy mittens

This year, a new trend made its way to the top, and it’s a great way to make us more excited about winter accessories. Mittens are usually a practical item that we don’t really pay attention to. Their sole purpose is to keep our hands warm, right? Well, with the appearance of carefully painted mittens, we think this would be a hard to ignore accessory. Some of them are painted with famous pieces on them, while others come in the most beautiful colors. We are sure this item wouldn’t go unnoticed and it can add some style to your winter wardrobe.