The Accidentals put out new single ‘Go Getter’ ahead of album release

The Accidentals

Northern Michigan based indie-folk band The Accidentals have just released a new single titled “Go Getter” in anticipation of their upcoming album set to release in October. 

The song came out today — Friday, July 16 — and, according to the band, it kicks off a slew of upcoming single releases with “a bang while redefining their new musical chapter.”

“We really felt this was a great song to share first as it’s energetic, upbeat and a little different than what we were doing before,” said band member Sav Buist. 

The song talks about shaking off the pressures of the world and starting over when you need to. It speaks to getting out of your own head and processing grief. 

The accompanying music video acts as a form of juxtaposition offering comedic visuals revolving around goats.