Jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke: ‘All I do is play my music’

Marco B Divaio

In the swinging Addis Ababa of 1973, Mulatu Astatke played a joint concert at the fashionable Hilton hotel with American jazz legend Duke Ellington before an audience including Emperor Haile Selassie. Ethiopia was modernising and Ellington’s visit, sponsored by the US embassy, symbolised the proud African country’s openness to western […]

How can I play jazz bowings on the violin? | Focus

Marco B Divaio

This month we’re concentrating on jazz and improvisation in our July 2021 issue, with a focus on jazz soloing on the double bass. The following article from our archive was originally published in our April 2005 issue. To read the full article, click here. BOW PLACEMENT The physical properties of the bow […]

John Goldsby: “It’s expected nowadays that you know how to play Brazilian music, or funk, or hip-hop, or metal. A lot of younger bass players can do it all“

Marco B Divaio

Bassist, bandleader, composer, teacher, clinician, and author John Goldsby is a dream interviewee, and not just because he’s an interesting guy with a wealth of experience. A journalist to the core, having contributed to this magazine for many years, Goldsby even supplies a tailor-made bio for features such as this. Details […]

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