Nigeria: How Top Fashion Designers Rake in Millions of Naira, How You Can Too

As a new designer (1-5) years experience, You will be doing several people’s jobs.

I didn’t find this out until much later myself until when I started exploring the fashion industry and working with top designers.

Picture the usual scenario – you got an order for a dress or a client chats you up. You were excited (Baba God Thank you, customer, at last).

You discussed style specs and talk pricing (the usual back and forth of ‘how much last’).

You looked at the dress, and details, and did a quick calculation of how much you thought the dress ought to cost, you couldn’t waste too much time na, the customer is waiting.

You also checked the display picture of the client to see if na ‘soji’ client (an fashionista), if she wears bathroom slippers, will she be able to pay N15k.

Then, you sent price, customer said, N10k last, you agreed.

So, you went to the market, sourced for fabrics, trims and notions.

Came back and cut the fabric.

Sew the style.

Pressed, finished and embellished.

Delivered the dress.

Now, for each of these roles, in a bigger fashion house, You had someone employed to do each separate task with a quality salary.

Fabric sourcer/procurement person went to the market.

Head tailor/cutter, cuts the fabric.