Folk artist Elle Taylor set to release debut album

Marco B Divaio
Erie folk singer/songwriter Elle Taylor recorded her first album with Erie producer and engineer Malito Proto. "Taken Me A While" is set for release later this summer.

Erie’s Elle Taylor is a folk singer/songwriter who performs in public regularly but still can leave people wondering who she is. Making appearances at open mics and even running one herself, the bashful artist stays musically reserved and stands firm on not giving the people too much music. But she offers just enough for the moment to ease the mind and please the ears. With her first album in the works, and the process being her first time recording in a studio, Taylor is taking a light step into the spotlight to share what she has always kept sacred from others – herself.

1. Let’s take a few steps back. Who is Elle Taylor and what is her origin?

I experienced trauma and hardship in my twenties which forced me to find outlets, and writing was always one of those outlets. I decided I wanted to put my words to music, but I didn’t know how to play an instrument so I taught myself the ukulele. I wrote about fifteen songs. From there I taught myself the guitar and wrote about fifteen more. I would play my songs at open mics and record them from an app on my phone. All of my demos are on Spotify and YouTube.

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