Find The Ultimate Resolution for QuickBooks Script Error

Script Error in QuickBooks obstructs the screen when a web page is accessed in the QuickBooks Desktop. It happens when the application detects some glitch with the settings in Internet Explorer. The description of the script error says, “An error has occurred in the script on this page,” with varied sets of Lines, Char, Error, Code, URL. The users can resolve it by configuring a few settings in the browser. To understand the steps to fix this and other responsible factors, read the full blog on QuickBooks Script Error.

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What causes the Script Error in the application?

Let us count on the factors that lead to the error in accessing the QuickBooks webpage. After reading and understanding these points, you can instantly start working on its solution:

  1. As already been discussed, the prior reason for the issue is the inappropriate setting in Internet Explorer.
  2. Also, if your default web browser is not selected as Internet Explorer, you will bump into an issue.
  3. Security software on your computer can be another reason for the glitch.
  4. If the script processing functions are blocked, the script error may occur.
  5. Any system bug, viruses, or malware can disable your web page access.

These were the primary reasons we touched upon, although there can also be varied reasons for this error. Now let us learn how to troubleshoot the error.

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How to resolve this issue of the script error?

This error mostly erupts when the connection between QuickBooks and Internet Explorer gets hindered or interrupted. You can perform the solution given below to get rid of the issue:

Answer: Tune the Internet Explorer to the proper settings

Internet Explorer is the browser that QuickBooks uses to access the internet. So, the thing you need to do is to set Internet Explorer as your default browser. If even then, the error persists, you can follow the steps that we are about to illustrate to you that ask you to configure the correct settings in the Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and select Tools from the Command Bar.
  2. Then, hit the Internet Options, then choose the Security tab.
  3. Tap Trusted Sites, and from there, select Sites.
  4. In the zone field of the Add option, type *, then hit Add.
  5. Unselect the Require server verification from the Trusted sites 
  6. After you close the Trusted sites window, you must uncheck the Enable Protected Mode option.

Now, close the browser and take the steps forward to opening your QuickBooks webpage. If you continue getting the script error, you must check your desktop’s security or firewall settings and configure them.

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The blog on “QuickBooks Script Error” discusses the factors that cause the error and the steps to troubleshoot it. If you are yet unable to terminate the error, you should get in touch with the QuickBooks Support team at 855-856-0042 to know more precise details.

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