Deal with QuickBooks Error 6123 in easy steps

While developing QuickBooks, the aim of was to create an excellent software that incorporates reliable accounting and other financial tasks. QuickBooks achieved that aim by providing efficient services to its users worldwide. Users can now retrieve the businessdata anytime and anywhere from the cloud storage feature in QuickBooks. It is a complete accounting software but has setbacks like its vulnerability to internal errors. QuickBooks Error 6123 is one of the errors which occurs while working on the software. We created this blog to discuss the intricate details of this error and the possible solutions that are effective against it. If your QuickBooks received this error code, continue reading to know more.

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QuickBooks Error 6123

It is a company file error that occurs in QuickBooks.You won’t be able to perform any of these tasks with your company file-

  • While opening or updating your company file
  • While restoring your company file
  • While restoring a backup on a new system

QuickBookswon’t be able to process any of the tasks mentioned above. You’ll receive an error message,” We’re sorry, but QuickBooks can’t open your company file.”QuickBooks can behave abnormally after this.


The circumstances under which this error occurs are mentioned below-

  • The company file you are trying to access is damaged and is now inaccessible in QuickBooks.
  • Server or external drive is being used to restore the backup.
  • Windows Explorer is being used to open the company file


Some of the effective methods to remove this error from your QuickBooks-

Solution 1- Use the QuickBooks Tool hub to fix any internal issues with the company file.

It would help if you initiated by repairing the company file using the file doctor tool. Make sure you use the updated version of the QuickBooks Tool hub. Refer to the steps below-

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool huband click on company file issues.
  2. Find your file name in the list; if it’s not present, locate it manually from
  3. Click Diagnose after selecting your company file and let the process finish.
  4. Reopen QuickBooks.

If the error is still present, try the next solution.

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Solution 2-Transfer your company file to a local hard drive & then restore it.

If you are trying to restore your company file(.qbw) from a backup(.qbb), the first thing you should do is transfer the backup file(.qbb) to your local drive. Don’t access it from a server or any external drive. Then follow the steps to restore it from there-

  1. Open QuickBooks and click
  2. Click onOpen or restore company, select Restore a backup copy and click
  3. Now, select Local backup and click on theNext
  4. Locate your backup file(.qbb).
  5. Select the destination for your company file and click
  6. Click on
  7. Reopen QuickBooks.

Now, try to use this file as your new company file. If any issues exist, try the next solution.

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Solution 3-Create a portable backup file to restore your company file

If you are trying to restore a backup(.qbb) on a new computer, then refer to the steps below-

  1. Open QuickBooks, click on File and select Open or Restore company.
  2. Click on Browse and locate the company file you want to use.
  3. Tap on Create a portable company file.
  4. Close your QuickBooks.
  5. Reopen your QuickBooks, click on File and select Open or Restore company.
  6. Click on Restore a portable file and then select
  7. Choose the portable file you recently created.
  8. Click Save and reopen QuickBooks.


This is the end of our blog, which consistsof the details of QuickBooks Error 6123. You are now aware of why this error occurs and the methods to fix it precisely and quickly. We expect this blog helped you in removing the error from your QuickBooks. If you still need help with anything regarding this issue, Call +1-855-856-0042  to talk to an expert.

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