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Top tips for finding a cheap flight

  • Looking for a cheap flight? 25% of our users found flights on this route for $51 or less one-way and $62 or less round-trip.
  • The cheapest flight from Orlando to New York was found 22 days before departure, on average.
  • Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly is August.
  • On average*, there is no price difference when choosing to fly in the morning or the evening on this flight route.
  • Planning on booking flights from Orlando to New York? Make sure to take into consideration where you will be staying in the city when you are deciding which airport to fly into. While John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are convenient options for travelers staying in Manhattan, LaGuardia Airport is closer to Long Island and the northern part of the city.
  • When booking your flight from Orlando to New York, there are several airlines that you can choose from. If you wish to have a direct flight, consider booking with Jetblue, as they allow travelers to check one bag for free and provide above-average legroom. If you are okay with having a layover, consider booking with Southwest, as they allow travelers to check two bags at no cost.
  • Interested in doing a bit of relaxing before your flight takes off? Pay a visit to the XpresSpa located in Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. This luxurious spa provides guests with a variety of treatments to choose from, including massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials.
  • For travelers looking to kill some time before they board their flight, consider purchasing an access pass for Orlando International Airport’s Club at MCO lounge. This lounge contains rest zones, showers, complimentary snacks, and televisions, plus you can sign up for a rewards membership in order to earn points that can be used towards free passes.
  • Traveling from Orlando to New York with your children? Make sure to take them to the Observation Deck that is located on Level 9 of the main parking garage in Orlando International Airport. This area offers a panoramic view of the city and allows guests to see planes take off and land, making it a unique way to keep children entertained.

*Average of the lowest prices shown in KAYAK’s search results for departures within the next 30 days

FAQs for booking flights from Orlando to New York

Boarding area was a scrum, instead of a line. Audio selections are poor. The necessity or pre-ordering food is a hassle. Flight was delayed because of human error, not because of weather or mechanical issues.

Pros: “Service and overall cleanliness etc. was very smooth, good and clean. I sat in seat 1A both ways and as the first person to get on and off the flight found the process well laid out, easy, clean and smooth. I also got to witness the boarding process from inside while seated. Very professional and courteous all the way. The first class cabin was sparsely filled with ample space between us and based on how many people I saw getting on, I think the rear cabin must’ve been sparsely filled as well. More on the comfort aspect in the “what would have been bettter section” … in short, the seats are the weakest link in the chain.”

Cons: “My only gripe is about the seats fitted in first class for this Alaska Air leg (JFKSFO). Like most, my travel frequency has dropped so much that I can finally afford to pay full fare first for the few times I do need to travel. I expect that this will more likely be the norm than not and hope/expect that more among us who can afford to pay extra for the additional comfort, do so. The airline industry will need to keep that segment to get ahead of this seismic shift in travel patterns that 2020 has brought upon all of us. I was hoping to just sleep through it. I normally sleep well/easily on flights (at times, “too well”!) but could not do so on this leg. The seats in first class are just not meant for sleeping and are thus limited in their positioning … brief napping is the best you can do – carry your entertainment/work or plan on meditating while fully awake. The base is for all intent and purposes, immovable (maybe a couple of inches back and forth at best). There is no concept of a foot rest in the design. The back locks into one of two positions – a vertical one for take-off/landing and a second one tilted about 15 degrees or so. That makes it impossible to stretch the body out while fully supported – so hard to go into relaxed/deep sleep for those who wish to do so. The front passenger seat of a common car offers more for a five hour road trip – something to ponder on, eh? Upgrade the seats …the extra investment will pay for itself quickly in this age of reduced travel as you’ll attract more of those who are lucky to be able to pay a little more to fly in comfort for the few times that they need to. Additionally, sleeping passengers are often the easiest/cheapest to service!”

Cons: “Airplane temperature. It was warm and humid.”

Cons: “Freezing in biz class and NO extra blankets. Existing ones too short. No nibbles service either. Pathetic.”

Cons: “Wi fi wasn’t working I didn’t understand the media and it didn’t work No screen”

Pros: “Quick boarding”

Cons: “More room”

Cons: “Delayed 1 hour and 43 minutes. Unacceptable.”

Pros: “Crew is always lovely on these flights. attentive and courteous.”

Cons: “I got bumped to first class. Which sounds amazing, until you realize it’s the worst first class you’ve ever experienced.”

Pros: “Crew was ‘amazing’!!!”

Pros: “Crew was so accommodating! Excellent service and personality. Smooth easy flight”

Pros: “Free movies”

Cons: “No free snacks”

Pros: “Plane shakey poo. Me so scared.”

Pros: “Comfortable seats and good entertainment choices.”

Cons: “N/A”

Pros: “Fast flight”

Cons: “Too warm. Screen wouldn’t shut off so we could sleep”

Pros: “A real cute friendly boy was in the seat next to me. It was easy to sleep through the night on the red eye flight.”

Cons: “I passed out the whole time so I didn’t get to flirt as much as I would have liked to.”

Pros: “The crew was great. Seats were comfortable.”

Pros: “Fantastic. First flight on Alaska’s airline. We’ll fly again!”

Pros: “Very pleasant and attentive employees.”

Cons: “Booked at last minute so have middle seats.”

Cons: “Not enough leg room”

Pros: “We flew to and from with Alaska for our honeymoon and they were awesome.”

Cons: “Only thing served on flight was beverages”

Pros: “Excellent take off and landing.”

Cons: “They had ressigned seats and put me in the middle of a full row, in front of the emergency exit, so the seat would not recline. The head rest was made for a tall man, and its position made me lean forward until my neck hurt. The movie selections were good, but the earphone jack didn’t work well enough to hear the dialog. They let me move to another seat and the earphones didn’t work there either. After trying two different earphones they concluded the jack was bad. Also the seats were smaller and there was less leg room than the Alaska flight going out.”

Pros: “I liked the price of my ticket. I liked the app. I felt like the plane was clean and very comfortable.”

Cons: “I didn’t like that both my flights were over booked so boarding took a lot longer then I expected. I didn’t like that the on board ordering system offers free earbuds, yet the flight attendant said they did not have any. When I boarded my return fligh, the flight attendant that was supposed to be creating us was scrolling through her phone didn’t even make eye contact. When I was getting off of the plane. That same flight attendant was sitting in a first class seat scrolling through her phone again, she did look up to thank us though. Overall the plane was nice, but the I wasn’t disappointed with the flight attendants service”

Cons: “New York airports are always delaying landing and getting to the gate by at least 30 mins. Nothing to do with the airline I assume, but still quite frustrating to do detours and spend extra 30/40 mins in air or taxiing.”

Pros: “I’m an alaska member so I have taken quite a few flights with them and I notice the service difference after a while. Generally the crew was nice.”

Cons: “There was no beverage or food service till ~2 hrs into the flight. No air issues etc. that would cause a delay. There was only 1 service in a 5.5 hr flight. The previous crew served us beverages at least 2-3 times and carried water up and down. Coming from +90 degree weather everyone is thirsty. I bought food soon as I got on, I have a toddler.. it was delivered over 2 hrs later, luckily I came prepared with lots of snacks. Also there are no hot vegetarian meal purchase options on the flight to Mexcio/Costa Rica (which was the first leg of our trip) we had to make do with cheese/fruit platters.”

Pros: “It was a smoooth good flight. Flight attendants were great and helpful”

Pros: “Boarding was easy.”

Cons: “It was a 5 hour flight no entertainment. Food prices too high.”

Pros: “Nothing to like”

Cons: “Joke airline. Broken seats. Zero service.”

Pros: “Timeliness”

Cons: “Seat comfort”

Cons: “food is terrible !!! need improvement”

Pros: “Ticket kiosk is easy to use Nice to be offered beverage on flight”

Cons: “Flight attendants are not as friendly”

Pros: “We had a quiet comfortable overnight flight. I liked people able to stay in my seat and order waters on the screen while my children spelt.”

Cons: “I wish the seats reclined a bit more”

Cons: “The way they handled the bad weather redirected landingwas absolutely idiotic. I will not spend any more time explaining it. I expended nearly $500 to get my wife and I home. I do hope to get it back. Flight 450 from Portland to JFK that ended up in DC.”

Pros: “Crew was helpful and kind. Would fly it again.”

Cons: “Plane small and crowded. Food is a little pricey and they need to offer more than just 2 cookies.”

Pros: “New aircraft, helpful staff”

Cons: “Slightly delayed”

Pros: “Great staff Great lighting for red eye to promote sleep no turbulence!”

Pros: “There was lots of room The flight was not full”

Cons: “No hot chocolate as one of the free beverages:(”

Pros: “Very friendly crew. The boarding process was one of the best I have experienced.”

Cons: “For red Eye flight, need to give sleeping setting No lights!”

Cons: “Last row seats don’t recline. Unfortunate while on a red eye flight. There is no entertainment. Flight attendants could learn to juggle or do some magic tricks. Tell jokes maybe?”

Pros: “Hospitality, courtesy, little touches, pilots, attendants, all great!”

Cons: “The seats do not recline it hurts your back”

Pros: “Flight crew was very helpful”

Cons: “The turbulence”

Pros: “Enough leg room”

Cons: “Not enough shoulder room”

Pros: “Fast boarding, good food, very friendly crew. Needs a little more entertainment”

Pros: “Cabin crew service and friendliness On time arrival Nice pilot”

Cons: “Took too long to take off”

Flight delays due to shortage of jetway drivers. Stuck on the plane for 2 hours after plane was landed. No water offered during this time.

The plan was a bit older with smaller seats and the entertainment didn’t work BUT the flight attendants were incredibly nice and made the trip more enjoyable.

Love the flight to NY. It was amazing. Just did not like the boarding. It was more than a hassle

Pros: “Crew, food, plane itself”

Cons: “Flight delayed by 3+ hours, very little info given to passengers, slow boarding”

Pros: “The seat size was fine. The staff was great. The food options were good. The on-board wifi was very convenient.”

Cons: “The JetBlue app currently is broken. The mobile boarding passes disappear as soon as your first flight lands. Therefore you’ll have to get a printed boarding pass at a counter if you have any connections. This is highly irritating.”

Pros: “The crew was very nice.”

Cons: “The passenger sitting next to me took up half my seat and I was not offered a seat change.”

Pros: “The crew was very friendly”

Cons: “Boarding. No clear lines. Everyone is all over the place.”

Pros: “Ok”

Cons: “Flight was delay”

Pros: “Nothing”

Cons: “Plane to JFK cancelled. Jet Blue blocked ticket next day at 6am for China Southern. Spent additional $120 in transportation so I could leave home at 2am. Then when at JFK had to get a ticket at desk after an hour walking and being in line and after strong protest for they were not going to give me a”

Pros: “Crew was great. Movie selection was great!”

Cons: “Boarding organization.”

Pros: “Everything was great we left on time. Provide food was awesome”

Cons: “There was no Wi-Fi on the plane. This Airline seems to always have issues with their Wi-Fi being available during flights. The female crew member on this flight had a snotty attitude when I asked for more sugar with my coffee.”

Cons: “Late and shifting “reasons.””

Cons: “They took my carry on to check even though there was plenty of overhead space when we took off. Slow and late boarding.”

Pros: “The lady that helped me at JetBlue was super friendly and kind- it wasn’t her fault for all the drama. She made the mess a little more bearable.”

Cons: “The flight was delayed which in turn resulted in me missing my connecting flight to jhb. I was stuck in NYC for 24 hours. Also, because my flights were booked through Kayak, the agents at JetBlue struggled to assist me.”

Cons: “Flight was delayed, otherwise no complaints.”

Pros: “The crew were great.”

Cons: “My luggage took approximately 28 minutes to arrive at the turnstile.”

Pros: “Smooth..leg room good .loved movie /TV selection..Dunkin donuts coffee.. always feel great flying JetBlue..not to mention great flight and perfect landing”

Pros: “I love it”

Cons: “No food”

Pros: “Flight was smooth and arrived early”

Cons: “Not all crew members were very happy to be there”

Pros: “One crew member graciously stepped in right away to help me put my bag overhead.The crew was very friendly and efficient at getting food and drinks to everyone. Also, there was a gentle and effective push to get everyone to get seated quickly, and we arrived early to our destination. All good.”

Cons: “The screaming boy in front of me who choked on something and threw up a little. I had to hold a napkin over my nose for most of the trip because of the smell. The parents took care of it without letting anyone know, so it wasn’t anything against the crew. I was just uncomfortable for most of the trip because of that.”

Pros: “On time, good sarvic, I like it”

Pros: “Everyhing”

Cons: “Waiting for maintenance”

Cons: “hate the boarding system! Don’t understand why you don’t board from the back of the plane. I was in the next to last row and was practically the last person on board”

Pros: “Great customer service!!!!!!!!!! Smooth ride”

Pros: “Nothing.”

Cons: “We missed our plane. The Kayak calendar reminder said the flight departed at 5:45 when in fact it was 5:26pm. So it left without us. The next flight was at 9:50pm and it was delayed to a 11:00pm departure. The worst part – We were travelling with a 2 year old. Worst experience EVER.”

Cons: “Terrible terrible ! Over 2 hour delay, they said it was cause of lightning, no lightning seen, and bad weather at jfk, my husband said no bad weather there , it must of been something else , I had to cancel an appointment, which is going to make my weak harder Terrible, terrible! Don’t think I’ll do this again”

Pros: “I love the fact they allowed Active Duty and RETIRED MILITARY to board immediately after Group A”

Cons: “Absolutely nothing!”

Pros: “The quick response that the customer support thru phone, specially when they fix the flight change.. I got an email saying my moms flight to NY will be delayed but we can have delayed flight since my mom will be catching an international flight there. I understand delays happened but Laurie, (and her supervisor) handled our case very well! I appreciate it so much! Thank you!”

Pros: “The service, seating and attendants were 100% awesome. The flight attendants were at the top of their game and very professional. The seats were super comfortable and all of the equipment worked as it was supposed to. I will be looking for them again!”

Cons: “Nothing… all went well!”

Pros: “Every. Thing”

Cons: “Nothing”

Pros: “Nothing!”

Cons: “Idiots from jetblue change my flight because my wife was a little bit drunk… this is ridiculous!!! I will complain definitely!!! F**ing jet blue”

Cons: “The seat was worn out into a bowl and very uncomfortable. They also forced me to gate check my bag. Why not check for free if you are always forcing us to hate Check?”

Pros: “Service, leg room always great!”

Cons: “My audio wasn’t working on this flight and a few times this year. Time for maintenance!”

Pros: “I could not have asked for a better flight. Literally, everything from checking bags to flight crew were wonderful. Very comfortable flight with a nice cabin area and seating. They even had New Release movies you could watch for free.”