Emsa Click & Grow, smart gardens with 3 or 9 floors

Indoor vegetable gardens are all the rage. These aesthetic and compact objects allow you to grow aromatic plants, mini fruits and vegetables indoors, with guaranteed results. The Emsa brand (Seb group) offers two models of Click & Grow Smart Garden garden beds: one for three plants, the other for growing nine. This makes it one of the biggest on the market.

Our opinion on the Emsa Click & Grow Smart Garden


The Emsa brand is now part of the French group Seb. For the Seb group, which markets many kitchen appliances and preaches in favor of healthy and tasty food, offering indoor gardens seems quite logical to us. These make it easy to grow aromatic plants, edible flowers and mini fruits or vegetables all year round, even in winter. Thanks to a reservoir from which the plants draw the water they need and to LEDs ensuring automated light cycles, there is no risk of “mistaking”, even if you don’t have your hand. green. Ease of use is one of the strengths of these practical and decorative devices. Moreover, in its policy of “guaranteed success”, the manufacturer agrees to send you another set of capsules if your plants do not germinate. Emsa does not lack competition, but with its 9-plant model, it is one of the rare brands to market such a large and therefore varied indoor vegetable garden. The second reference, with its three plants, has a more classic format. If it is reassuring to know how these plants grow at home – without chemicals – we also appreciate that the seeds themselves are guaranteed without pesticides or GMOs.

Why we love

For the decorative aspect of these mini gardens
Because they allow you to grow herbs yourself all year round
For ease of use: automatic light cycles and no watering
We like the 9-plant model which offers a varied choice Introductory price: From 100 to 200 euros

The promise: perfect supplies of water and light

To grow plants indoors, two difficulties arise: exposure to light and watering. Too watered, they die and if they do not have enough water, they also wither. As for the light, if they lack it, they do not grow and some plants do not tolerate exposure to full sun. Difficult to grow aromatic herbs indoors, even more so if you don’t have a green thumb. It is from these observations that the interior gardens were born, which also display a neat aesthetic. So they can be installed in a kitchen to always have herbs at hand, or even in a living room where they will find their place without problem.
The Click & Grow Smart Garden indoor vegetable gardens have a water tank that simply needs to be filled so that the plants draw the quantity they need from it, by capillarity. The filled tank ensures up to 4 weeks of water autonomy. On the side of the planter, a discreet little float lets you know when it is necessary to add water.
As for the light, it is brought to them artificially by a ramp of low consumption LEDs installed above the plants. Just plug in the mini indoor garden: the light cycle is automatic, simulating day and night to ensure the best growth for cultivated plants. Moreover, the model with 9 plants, more elaborate, has alternating white and red LEDs, so as to reproduce the effects of photosynthesis. To accelerate germination, Click & Grow provides “biodomes” to be installed above the seeds until they have germinated: they look like mini greenhouses and fulfill the same role. The duration of growth depends on the varieties: Emsa indicates that germination requires one to three weeks.

3 or 9 plants to harvest all year round

These small indoor gardens all promise the same type of results: being able to grow aromatic herbs, edible flowers or mini fruits and vegetables all year round, summer and winter, indoors. They are distinguished from each other by their aesthetics, by the number of plants they can accommodate and by the type of cartridges or capsules containing the seeds.
In the case of Emsa, two models are offered: one receiving three plants and the other nine plants. If the latter is obviously more imposing than its “little brother”, it is relatively compact for the possibilities it offers. Nine plants, that’s enough to allow budding or experienced cooks to decorate all their dishes with fresh herbs, in any season.
Emsa also offers a large selection of around forty plants. These come in the form of small capsules (Pods), which include seeds, soil and nutrients. And one of Emsa’s promises is that these seeds are “100% natural, biodegradable and free of pesticides and GMOs”. Once the plants are “tired” and need to be renewed – you can store them for about six months, the capsules are biodegradable. People who have a garden can also replant them in the ground. The three-plant model comes with three basil capsules. The nine-plant version is sold with three capsules of basil, three of lettuce and three of cherry tomatoes.
Both models are available in two colours: white or grey. The Smart Garden three plants is marketed at 100 €, while the reference nine plants costs 200 €. The capsules are sold for €10 for three or €27 for nine.