Real vegetable garden: garden in your living room

How to plant your own aromatic plants, cherry tomatoes or mini lettuces, if you have a hand that is anything but green? The young French shoot Veritable offers us its indoor vegetable garden, which allows you to harvest your own crops while doing almost nothing. Just watch grow, and taste….

Our opinion on the Real Vegetable Garden

It was during the Ebay New Entrepreneur Award, at the 2016 Paris Fair, that we discovered this young start-up. it had seduced the jury, of which Homap was a member, by the care reserved for the selection of the seeds. Since then, it has become a real business, which markets a range of reliable products. And what is remarkable at Veritable is the care given to the ingot that contains the seeds. Guaranteed without GMOs, pesticides or others, selected from mainly French producers… 

Why we love

We want to consume healthy
We no longer want to throw away because we always buy too much
For the choice of varieties
For its connected version (259 euros)

Introductory price: From 149 to 259 euros

Just add water…


The Veritable vegetable garden is autonomous. That is to say, he will only ask you to fill his tank, every 3 weeks or so. Then you insert the four ingots with the seeds of your choice, and let yourself grow. On the so-called “intelligent” models, the LED lights will be modulated according to the brightness.

The LED lamps and the different colors give the whole a successful aesthetic. This means that we will not have the particular need, nor the desire, to hide it in a corner of the house.

A connected version is available, more expensive at 259 euros, but which allows you to keep informed of the evolution of the growth, to think about filling the tank, to adjust the light… 

Tailor-made ingots

With the ingots sold, everything is already ready. From the number of seeds, through the necessary substrates, to the right location for the plants to grow well.

The price of ingots is between 5 and 6 euros, and depending on the plants, it is possible to harvest for several months and several times. The choice is very wide since we have 25 offers.

From basil to cherry tomatoes…

Classic aromatics  : Dill, basil, parsley, thyme, coriander, chives, mint, rosemary, sage, tarragon, lemon balm, oregano

Original aromatics: Thai basil, purple, lemon and cinnamon. lemon verbena

Edible flower: violet, chamomile, pansy, zucchini flower

Mini Vegetable: cherry tomato, mini pepper, mini pepper, mini lettuce

Educate and stop wasting

Who has never bought a bunch of basil for a tomato sauce, then put it aside and thought: “I will reuse it”. To end up throwing it in the trash a few days later…

With the Veritable soup, you only take what you need. And what a pleasure to see its first crops appear. With the children, it can also become a moment of sharing, also encouraging them to eat healthy and to become real budding little “greens”.