With Lightcycle, Dyson illuminates our daily lives differently for 60 years

A lamp that decreases its intensity according to the position of the sun, a light that adapts to your age, your activity, a technology that allows LEDs to last for several decades… The Lightcycle lamp from Dyson is undoubtedly a success in term of comfort for our increasingly busy eyes. An object that rests our sight, isn’t that the ideal?

Our review of the Dyson Lightcycle


It was in Paris that Jack Dyson, son of James Dyson and chief engineer within the English company, presented his new opus on January 29, 2019. It must be said that the lighting branch of Dyson is the favorite playground of Jack Dyson. And it was with enthusiasm that he presented the Lightcycle to the press. If the aesthetics of the object can be discussed, with its look a little too business, the technology it contains is however impressive. Two years of research, 892 prototypes and 90 engineers mobilized. The high price of the Lightcycle, on the other hand, is worth its cost. Our sight, overstretched by screens, deserves such an object at home. Plus, it’s designed to last nearly 60 years, Dyson tells us. And we can believe the brand when it goes like this…

Why we love

For its ability to adapt to the environment
For the quality of its design (60-year lifespan promised)
For its 5-year warranty
For its connectivity Introductory price: 499.99 and 749.99 euros

A solid design


The Dyson Lightcycle is an object that leaves no doubt about its solidity and the quality of the materials when you approach it and touch it. The controls are pleasant and accessible, the height modulation is done with a simple gesture, and Dyson offers the choice between two formats: desk (499.99 euros) and floor lamp (749.99 euros). You can also choose between the colors black/black or white/silver.

But let’s stay with the first argument in favor of the Lightcycle, which partly justifies the price. Dyson uses LEDs for lighting, known for their longevity. But these are sensitive to overheating, which can affect their duration and quality. This is why Dyson has come up with a complex but effective “cooling” system. So much so that it allows the brand to advance the record duration of 60 years for its lamp, and above all to allow the LEDs to better withstand the frequent changes in intensity linked to the Lightcycle…

A scalable and intelligent light


There is not one but many lights, which are expressed in luminosity and lux. That of the Dyson lamp, equipped with an anti-glare system, exceeds 1,000 lux. Then come the notions of color temperatures, quantified in kelvins, which we will not discuss in detail even if Dyson, a brand of engineers, is not stingy with technical data.

Trust Dyson and focus on usage. The Lightcycle will avoid excessive flickering, too low light, in short, anything that can cause eye fatigue. In short, to bring us more comfort.

Then, and the feat is remarkable, an algorithm designed by Dyson will allow the lamp to adjust the light according to the time of day, the position of the sun and the place where you are. thus giving the perfect lighting provided by the alliance of the 3 hot LRDS and 3 cold LEDS located in the Lightcycle.

When connectivity matters


We can sometimes doubt the usefulness of connectivity, but in the case of the Dyson Lightcycle, its contribution is truly beneficial.

You can of course turn it on and off remotely via bluetooth, adjust the intensity or color manually, and communicate its location to the lamp via the smartphone’s GPS. This is essential for, as previously written, adjusting the brightness to the cycle of the sun.

But what stands out about the app is its personalization to the user. We adapt the light to his age but also to his activity. Indeed, the light will be different depending on whether you are reading, drawing, taking a nap… You can therefore either make manual settings, name and program up to 20 versions, or be guided by the automatic modes defined by Dyson. 

Among these…

Relaxation mode, ideal for reading in bed or on the sofa. the light is less intense and warmer

Concentration mode, similar to office lighting and modulated according to daylight.

Precision mode, for high-intensity light close to natural daylight.

The boost mode, which for 20 minutes will give a cooler but also brighter light to see very very clearly..

In conclusion, Dyson delivers here with the Lightcycle the quintessence of the research resulting from its lighting division. For those who want to preserve their vision as long as possible, spend a lot of time reading or working in the home office, acquiring such an object at home is a long-term investment, but not useless…