Veritable Exky, a compact but very smart indoor vegetable garden

The young French shoot Veritable enriches its range of indoor vegetable gardens with this new model bearing the sweet name of Exky. Thanks to its small size, it easily finds its place in any kitchen. And its compactness does not exclude a host of intelligent and connected functions…

Our opinion on the Veritable Exky indoor vegetable garden


Since its first indoor vegetable garden, the young French shoot Veritable has come a long way. The French company has mastered its subject and is launching a new indoor vegetable garden, with a size that is easier to accommodate in small spaces. Indeed, one of the specificities of Exky lies in its very small format, since it accommodates only two plants. Veritable remains faithful to its principles: the Exky vegetable garden is made in France. It automatically manages water and light supply, thanks to horticultural LEDs which simulate day and night cycles. It works with ingots that contain everything the plant needs to grow (seeds, substrate, nutrients) but no plastic elements. So much so that the Veritable ingots, guaranteed without pesticides or GMOs, can be replanted in the ground and are biodegradable. The company offers a choice of 34 varieties including aromatic herbs, mini fruits and vegetables as well as edible flowers. It’s a good idea to reduce the size of the Exky mini vegetable garden, which can thus find a place in all kitchens, including the smallest ones, to have fresh herbs at hand all year round.

Selected for the Grand Prize for Innovation at the Foire de Paris

Why we love

For its compact format, easy to house even in small spaces
For the possibility of harvesting fresh herbs all year round
For guaranteed results, thanks to automatic watering and lighting Introductory price: 139 euros

A smaller, easy-to-house indoor vegetable garden

Indoor vegetable gardens have been able to seduce and develop. Their promise? Being able to harvest fresh aromatic herbs all year round, wherever you live, including in an apartment. But also watch your aromatic herbs grow, obtaining a result for sure, whether you have a green thumb or not. These small objects come in the form of pots or planters and can accommodate a variable number of plants depending on the brand and model. In the case of Veritable, its first Classic model, available in a Smart then Connect version, could accommodate 4 plants. So much so that it could not necessarily find a place in small kitchens. Like other brands, Veritable has therefore reduced the size of its latest Exky, which only accommodates two plants.

Water and light supply automatically managed

Exky benefits from Veritable’s experience in providing water and light. A reservoir supplies the two plants in the vegetable garden and provides them with the necessary quantity of water, for up to 4 weeks. When the tank is empty, the garden alerts you: its LEDs flash blue.
As for the light necessary for the growth of plants, Exky provides them thanks to the presence of two horticultural LEDs, whose light spectrum has been specifically studied to optimize plant growth; they simulate the day and night cycles (16h/8h). The intensity of the LEDs is also modulated according to the ambient light: whether you install the Exky indoor vegetable garden in a dimly lit corner of your kitchen or next to a window, the plants will receive the appropriate amount of light.
Exky will be available in a “Connect” connected version. This edition will be connected to a smartphone application (iOS and Android). The latter alerts you when the vegetable garden lacks water, allows you to monitor plant growth, in particular to be notified when the time for the first harvests has come and finally to choose the brightness according to the desired growth rate.

A choice of 70 plants, for 6 months of harvest

Veritable offers a choice of 70 refills presented in the form of ingots, which contain everything the plant needs to ensure its growth. There is no need to plant the seeds: the ingots are ready to use. Just install them in the slots provided to accommodate them. 70 varieties are available, including aromatic herbs, edible flowers, sprouts, mini fruits and mini vegetables. All ingots are guaranteed pesticide-free, GMO-free and some species are organic. Count about 1 month before you can harvest the first aromatic herbs from the ingots. Then you can harvest for 4 to 6 months. Then, the ingots are biodegradable, compostable or can be replanted in the ground. Refills cost between €6.90 and €7.95 each.

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