7 Recommendations Places to Visit in Bugis Street, Singapore

7 Recommendations Places to Visit in Bugis Street, Singapore

Holidays are never separated from culinary, especially if you visit Bugis Street in Singapore. Not only offering clothes, beauty products, or handicrafts, you can find various kinds of foods in this place.

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A variety of culinary delights with a very good taste on Bugis Street, you won’t find anywhere else, it’s a shame to miss it. So, if you are on vacation in Bugis Street, try some of the culinary recommendations below.

Hot & Spicy Korean Yang Nyeom Chicken Chop

To start your adventure on Bugis Street, you can try the Hot & Spicy Korean Yang Nyeom Chicken Chop. Packed in a small disposable box, this food portion is just right to fill your empty stomach. But, don’t be fooled by the color and name, the taste of the chicken served is not as spicy as you think, but the Korean spices are quite sharp with the right sweet taste.

The Duck and Chicken Rice at Hong Kong Roasted Delight

Hong Kong Roasted Delight is a part of Bugis Street that you must visit, this place is called the host of Asian cuisine. The most popular dish at Hong Kong Roasted Delight is The Duck and Chicken Rice, which is a serving of roasted duck and chicken on rice.

Crispy Pancake

There are two foods that you must try at Crispy Pancake, namely Muah Chee and Hakka Yam. Muah Chee is a cake made from rice flour, has a chewy texture with a sweet taste. Then Hakka Yam, each portion filled with small sweet potato cakes, sliced herbs, fried shallots, and sweet sauce.

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup at Quan An Vat

Not far from Hong Kong Roasted Delight, you will see Quan An Vat. This restaurant serves a variety of Vietnamese dishes and the most recommended is the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. A bowl of Spicy Beef Noodle Soup is filled with sliced beef and Banh Pho noodles. The light and flavorful taste of beef broth will make you want to add more.

Thai Hor Fun

After tasting Vietnamese food, it’s time to move on to Thai food. You can find Thai Hor Fun at Buddy’s Cafe Thai Food. All the chefs and waiters in this restaurant are from Thailand, so there is no doubt about the taste. Thai Hor Fun is a noodle made of rice flour with prawns and squid with a very tasty sauce.

Deep-Fried Fish with Rice and Mango Salad

Have you ever tried Deep Fried Fish with Mango Salad? At Bugis Street, you can taste it. Go to the Taste Buds Food Court restaurant and order the menu. The light salad taste with a slightly sour taste is perfect while eating delicious fried fish. You can add a spoonful of green chilies to add spiciness to the food.

Ned’s Crepes

After trying a heavy meal, it’s time to hunt for dessert. Look for Ned’s Crepes on Bugis Street and order Choco Berry Crepes. This Crepes has different toppings you can choose such as Nutella and sliced strawberries.

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